Neon Viewer App
Neon Viewer App was a project about bringing print magazine content to mobile devices, in a form which allows us to use the Viewer App for other magazines as well. My main part in this project was to build several framer prototypes to find out how the interaction flows could look like.
Client Gruner+Jahr
Contributors Philipp Granzin
Workfield UI Design, UX, Prototyping
Year 2015

This sketch shows how we could communicate a certain amount of free articles. The scroll interaction gets stopped by an incomming counter, which needs to be activated so that the rest of the article can be read.

Here you can see how we finally solved the paging behaviour in the app. A decent dot displays the amount of articles and the current issue that you are reading in.

This is a prototype of the article overview in the viewer app. The two columns are scrolling detached from another in a slightly different speed. Both columns meet on the bottom with a closing section that has the full page width. This thrilling effect makes the eyes jump between the columns while looking for articles, and therefore the content becomes more alive.

Another approach about how could display the pagination. The number is fixed on the page and pulling out of the view after some miliseconds when the transition is done.

Here you can see a draft of the pagination which is an example of an excess of information during a transition action during a transition action. We wanted to communicate reading time and site change here all at a time.

Here you can see the site number subtly attached to the site and only visible during the transition. The better solution?